6010-WO (Open Door)

Flueless gas stoves are the latest must-have in home decoration. Powerful, efficient and amazingly versatile heat. At last, a gas stove that is equally at home in urban city living as it is in rural country abodes.

The eko 6010 flueless gas stove looks and feels like a real wood burner but doesn't havenít any of the drawbacks of a solid fuel stove. No chimney or flue is required, no storage is required for the logs and a flueless gas stove does not require cleaning after use. The simplicity of gas at your finger tips and controllability of heat provides a system that is far superior to operate and cleaner to maintain. In addition to these benefits a flueless stove will be significantly cheaper to install and run.



    Minimum Room Size35m3
    Fire TypeStove S35G
    Control TypeSlide Control
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross3.1kW / 1.5kW
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross3.1kW / 1.5kW
    Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)*13.24p / 6.4p
    Outline Dimensions**H630 x W615 x D385mm
    Air Vent Required100cm2
    SafetyOxygen Depletion Sensor
    Flame Failure Device
    Catalytic Convertor
    Glass Fronted
    OptionsArch Lattice Door
    Open Door
    * Price based on 4.27p/kWh. Gas prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

    ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.
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